LPT-Display - Dot-Matrix-Display via Parallel Port

 LPT_Display.zip (download package, 72 kB)

The download package contains the executable, driver and HTML-documentation files. Save and decompress the archive file into your desired folder.
LPT-Display.exe is a dialog-based Windows standalone executable and should run as You double-click it.

LCD-Browser_V2-1.zip (download package, 353 kB)

LCD-Browser is an alternative to LPT-Display.exe to test displays, which runs on a separate microcontroller system connected to the HD44780 Display instead of a computer connected to the display via LPT-port.
It has less experimental functionality and simply browses through each page of the HD44780's memory bank and shows it's contents on the display. Usage of the three buttons (from left to right) is RESET, BROWSE-BACK, BROWSE-FORWARD.
Included in the ZIP-folder are fotos of example hardware layout and pcb illustration plus a EAGLE-brd file (you must correct jumper-routing by yourself), as well as the binary firmware-file itself (intel-HEX-format), which can be dorwnloaded onto the microcontroller with an appropriate programmer-hardware and/or PC-Software from Your computer.
The example hardware as shown, can be powerd with voltages bewteeen 3Vdc...5Vdc, thus USB powered usage is possible.

This version (firmware V2-1) is written for Microchip's PIC16F505 microcontrollers, and may be run as freeware just like LPT-Display.

LPT-Display - Version c1.0 - 2013-12-31/2014 - www.berndjager.de